Submitted By Regina Brown

On November 29, 2019 at 6:00pm meeting held at Marriott lobby in Nashville, TN.

Daniel Heyward
Carolyn Jamison
Isaac Heyward
Nathaniel Heyward
Debra Scott/spouse
Christine James
Timothy James
Derrick Scott/spouse
Joshua James
Katina Taylor
Kimberly Gordon/spouse
Keith Taylor
Tiphany Jamison
Regina Brown/spouse

1. To inform potential investors of the business plan/ creation of Heyward Financial Group
2. Initial investors explained.
3. $1500 is the investment seed. 12 months to raise. If $1500 can’t be raise, you can not continue with investment. You will receive the money you put in back. Once you out you are out (Amended September 2020, Members must now have until the end of 2021 to raise $3,0000).
4.. Link to the Heyward financial website was sent.
5. Debra Scott gave $100 cash

Tina: insurance on the elderly (Prime America)
Christine: where/how to send money.
Kimberly: investment to name after Isaac and Lillie Heyward
Regina: putting money in an interest barring account.

Daniel and Isaac: Both talk about leaving a legacy behind.

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