The vision: To continue the love that Isaac and Lillie Heyward poured into us as a family. Families seem to fall apart when the Monarch of the family has pass away. Our grandparents and you all parents have instilled too much knowledge and power for us to allow our personal issues to keep us from keeping their legacy alive. They have given us wisdom on life, taught us about self-respect, and about always leaving a legacy for your children.

Isaac Heyward (granddaddy) didn’t put up with foolishness and had no tolerance for excuses. Lillie Cohen Heyward(nana) was so loving and kind and saw no wrong in anybody. So, everything that was nurtured on the inside of them was placed inside of each other. They fought a good fight and stayed on course. So, I saw the need of us honoring their values and standards. So, having the gathering during Thanksgiving was the most appropriated time to be thankful.

The vision was presented to some family members and they got on board. The first gathering was in Atlanta, GA in 2013. Hats off to Nicolas Heyward and other family members who helped to get it started. In 2015, it was taken to Texas; hats off to the Texas crew. In 2017, we took it to New Orleans, LA; hats off to Sharlene Heyward and other family members who got that year started. This year 2019 it was taken to Nashville, Tennessee; hats off the Tina Taylor, Derrick Scott, Derrick Brown (KD), and other family members that helped on the trip to Tennessee.


My purpose was to bring the vision and I am so proud of my family and the support to make it come alive. We haven’t discussed 2021 yet, but my prayers are that we don’t let it die and that one day that all of Isaac and Lillie Heyward grands be together on one of these trips. There is still some family members who haven’t gotten on board, but my prayer is that we all come together and no one is left behind. I prayed and made a promise to myself and our grandparents that we will stay connected.